About Us

We design software to fulfill a need rather than generate one, we know that our products will succeed as well for others who also have those needs. For example, our family photos are important to us, and we know yours are too. We also knew we liked our web site and using our personal domain on the Web more that we liked using desktop software offerings or photo sharing sites and blogs online. So, we built ImageIsland© to help us manage our family photos using a simple web-based interface and portable database technology. We fulfilled a need for a simple, easy-to-use image manager online. This an example of how we operate! Prototyping is one thing...fulfilment is another in the software world!

Our company continues to innovate new products like World Chef Hack, Pacific Software based on a philosophy of helping other families and businesses manage their data in a more empowering way using existing web domains. We strive everyday, as we grow, to remember that it's the personal web user like you whom we care most about and whom our software is designed to serve. We hope you benefit from that philosophy, and find our company and its products more than satisfactory in fulfilling your personal needs online.
- E. M. Stokely and Family

Our mission

At White Pacific Software, we take great pride in what we do and what we stand for. Our mission is simply to empower the personal web site owner, and build small, "lite", easy-to-install, and affordable web site products for the World Wide Web. It's that simple! Developing simple web site applications that help people bring their valuable files, photos, and data back to their personal web sites, is our goal. Fulfilling that mission is the goal that stands behind every single unit of web software we sell! When we help a single user move, say, their valuable images away from one of thousands of photo sharing web sites, portals, or desktop applications, we stand proud as a company!

Why We Care About You!

Why do we care so much about you, the web user, and your web site? Because its our belief that the World Wide Web is slowly stripping your personal data AWAY from you, the owner of that data! By storing and uploading images in other portals or web domains owned by other companies, your data becomes "fractured" and requires that you login to yet another third-party web site to use and view images that belong to you. Viewing print ads and managing multiple logins is the price you pay for using another company's web site service. Using their software and their sites also puts you and your secure data at risk, as in some cases, you now have credit card data sitting out there on multiple third-party subscription databases. Feel free and start using Candy Crush Jelly Saga Hack

Our Commitment

At White Pacific Software, we pride ourselves on our commitment to you, our customers, your web sites, and your data. We are dedicated to bringing you quality web-based software such as Vertigo Racing Hack that helps empower you and your presence on the World Wide Web, freeing you from storing that data inside other portals and subscription sites. Part of that commitment is our belief in a simpler, more personalized Web based on small, "lite-weight" web applications that are easy to install and simple to use. You and your ability to use and manage your personal data inside a central repository you control online is our ultimate goal. And building the software that enables you, the user, to make more creative use of your web site, is our central driving philosophy. Migrating your valuable data and files back into one central web site you control and maintain is a long term theme of everything we do. We hope you will find our web site software gets you closer to fulfilling that goal.

As a part of that mission, we also want you to know that we also put quality and customer service first and foremost in everything we do. Because we are such a small company, we also believe that simple, small, and efficient products and services are the way to go, and the wave of the future in software. We hope you find our products fulfill your needs and help simplify your life and your personal use of the World Wide Web as we all watch the Web evolve. We hope you will return to our site again and again for quality web products that empower you!


Questions ?

Questions? Contact us at: sales@whitepacificsoftware.com